– 1 wrangler required for every 2 vehicles (for loading/unloading, moving, safety and servicing)

– Vehicles will be driven on or off camera by Steel & Steed Members or Steel & Steed approved cast members only. Talent selected to drive are subject to a brief tutorial from Steel & Steed Members before approved.

– It is the responsibility of the production company to notify local police of film emergency vehicles or cast members in related wardrobe that may be exposed to the public. Dispatch must be aware of the date, time and address.

– Vehicles may be driven short distances (in and out of frame) by approved drivers.

– Stunt or prescision driving is available. Stunt coordinator, stunt driver, set medic, tech survey and additional time may be required to make the scene safe and functional.

– Vehicles are towed to location. Cars are not plated for general road use. Police cars with lights and decals are valid for use on closed sets or with local police notification. (Police are very accepting of film vehicles on roads with advance notification.)

– Cars are rented by the day ONLY, no deals for half-days or hourly

– Wranglers are billed by the hour.

– CANCELLATION POLICY: 24 hours advance notice required or full charge applies.

– Generic decals are provided for some vehicles. Specialty decals available with advance notice and a deposit.


– Head Wrangler is required on all active sets.

– 1 Assistant Wrangler required per horse. (Rider/driver may not act as a wrangler)

– Talent may be permitted to handle/ride horses with Head Wrangler approval ONLY.

– Approved Talent require a minimum 30 minute tutorial with the Head Wrangler.

– Approved Talent may be required to be accompanied by an Assistant Wrangler. Wardrobe is recommended to use a Wrangler as BG in this case.

– Anything above standing or walking is defined as a stunt. Stunt Coordinator must be notified and a stunt rider or stunt double will be required.

– Horses are daily flat rate ONLY (up to 8 hours). Additional charges apply over 8 hours.

– Wranglers are 4 hour minimum then hourly

– Charges vary according to horse use: static, walking, running, trick or stunt use.

– CANCELLATION POLICY: 48 hours advance notice required or full charge applies.

– Firearms/Explosions require stunt doubles or stunt riders. Tied horses will require wranglers on scene.

– Full description of the scene and tech survey of the location required prior to the day.

– Horses and our handlers may require 3 rehearsals to find their marks. Unfamiliar cast/talent may need more.

– No one is to handle, talk to, or feed horses on set. Some animals are trick trained and may react to untrained bystanders cues.

– For horse health and safety reasons horses may not come from 2 different suppliers.

– Delivery is round trip from the farm. Horses may stay on set for consecutive days for a small fee to reduce daily delivery charges.

– Horse trailer is a large self sufficient overnight stabling unit. NO special provisions required (field, fencing, water etc.)

– 50 foot parking spot required per trailer. Pylons reducing traffic around horse access points appreciated.

– Horses are attended at all times unless secured in trailer.

– Horses must be relieved of duty, fed and watered before wranglers go to lunch. Food put aside for wranglers is greatly appreciated on busy sets.

– HORSES REQUIRE LARGE AMOUNTS OF WATER. Drink breaks will be offered on set at Head Wranglers discretion.

– Manure will be removed promptly as filming permits.

– Horses and equipment will be in excellent condition and extremely clean unless requested otherwise.

– Props may be affixed to horses at Head Wrangler discretion. For safety of horse and handlers, and security of the item, a trial run may be required.