Film Location Property

250 acre reclaimed quarry property available for film. Location can be staged to suit westerns, post apocalyptic, wilderness and modern civilization.

Site features:

  • variable terrain: smooth and rolling, escarpment region
  • woods, lighter brush areas, and fields
  • cliffs, caves with water
  • many lakes/ponds: clear water, sand bottom, small island
  • underwater tower
  • creeks, waterfalls, culvert
  • deer trails, man trails, dirt lanes
  • 3 professional quality holes of golf…with sand traps, and water.
  • ruins: buildings, towers, lime kilns
  • random rock deposits from quarrying
  • trucks, heavy machinery, working order for use
  • NO Civilization in sight in majority of areas
  • Lots of parking
  • Lightly furnished office/holding areas/bathrooms
  • Near highway and US border
  • 24 hour surveillance, security, gated access

No delivery charge for any services on this sight.